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Tracking Widgets

TrackMage allows to add tracking widgets on your own pages.

To make widget works you should add script tag before </body>:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Setup Widget

Is required. Should be added on each page where you want to use widgets.

  <trackmage-setup domain="DOMAIN_NAME" locale="LOCALE_CODE"></trackmage-setup>


domainRequired parameter. Subdomain of your existing tracking page.
localeOptional parameter. Locale two-letter code. If not set, default locale from your tracking page will be used. Allowed values: de, en, es, fr, gr, it, pt, ru.

Tracking Cards and Lookup widgets can work as separate widgets or in a pair.


If Lookup widget is used as a separate widget, search result will be opened in a new tab with full version of tracking page. If Tracking Cards widget also presents on the page, search result with be shown on the same page.

Tracking Cards Widget

  <trackmage-tracking-cards search="<TRACKING_NUMBER|ORDER_NUMBER>" bgcolor="BG_COLOR"></trackmage-tracking-cards>


searchOptional parameter. A Tracking Number or Order Number for which you want to show information.
bgcolorOptional parameter. Css background color for language menu. If not set 'transparent' background will be used. Example #000000.

search parameter should be set to display information if Tracking Cards widget is used without a Lookup widget

Lookup Widget