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Tracking Statuses

  • pre_transit - Carrier has received information about the package, but it has not yet been scanned and picked up.
  • no_info - A shipping label has been created, but the package has not yet been scanned and/or picked up by the carrier.
  • in_transit - A package is travelling to its destination. You may receive multiple updates of this type as the package travels to its destination.
  • delivery_in_progress - A package has reached the local area and is in the process of being delivered.
  • delivered - The package has been delivered
  • unsuccessful_delivery - Carrier attempted to deliver, but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver again.
  • error - Unable to track this parcel due to technical issues. Please re-track.
  • exception - Customs hold or any shipping exceptions. Please contact the carrier.
  • expired - A package has no tracking information for 30 days since it was created.
  • available_for_pickup - The package is available for pickup from the carrier's facility.
  • cancelled - The delivery has been cancelled.
  • return_to_sender - The package was not delivered and is now on its way back to the sender.
  • transit_limit_exceeded - The package has been in transit way longer than normal transit time allows. Please contact the carrier.
  • customs_clearance - Customs Clearance: Package undergoing inspection and compliance checks at customs authority.