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Tracking Widgets

TrackMage allows to add tracking widgets on your own pages.

To make widget works you should add script tag before </body>:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Setup Widget

Is required. Should be added on each page where you want to use widgets.

  <trackmage-setup domain="DOMAIN_NAME" locale="LOCALE_CODE"></trackmage-setup>


domainRequired parameter. Subdomain of your existing tracking page.
localeOptional parameter. Locale two-letter code. If not set, default locale from your tracking page will be used. Allowed values: de, en, es, fr, gr, it, pt, ru.

Tracking Cards and Lookup widgets can work as separate widgets or in a pair.


If Lookup widget is used as a separate widget, search result will be opened in a new tab with full version of tracking page. If Tracking Cards widget also presents on the page, search result with be shown on the same page.

Tracking Cards Widget

  <trackmage-tracking-cards search="<TRACKING_NUMBER|ORDER_NUMBER>" bgcolor="BG_COLOR"></trackmage-tracking-cards>


searchOptional parameter. A Tracking Number or Order Number for which you want to show information.
bgcolorOptional parameter. Css background color for language menu. If not set 'transparent' background will be used. Example #000000.

search parameter should be set to display information if Tracking Cards widget is used without a Lookup widget

Lookup Widget


Sidebar widget can be used only in pair with Tracking Cards Widget


Sidebar widget should be enabled on the related tracking page.


WordPress Configuration


What to check if widgets don't work